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«We distill with a pot still», by Kai Moller «in copper from 100 liters, producing about 50 liters of gin for each distillate, lasting about 12 hours.

The water is osmosis (very flat, perfect: we tasted it ed.).

The system is the London dry, vapor infused one: not we macerate spices and botanicals in grain alcohol tender organic and kosher, as almost everyone does, but we put them on top of the alembic. alcohol vapor, which passes low temperature, slowly extract all the aromatic oils giving each of our gins a much more persistent taste than the others», explains Attilio Cillario.

For those unfamiliar with the product: gin is the only distillate to have a “recipe” and can be declined in infinite versions, from the driest and most austere to the softest and most seductive.

«By varying botanicals, spices and alcohol content, we can modulate each of its characteristics: we start from tasting some of our recipes to understand which type of gin to work on, then personalizing it with additions, exclusions, intensification of tastes and aromas required by the customer», underlines Gigi Marazzi.

Evocative notes of our Gin

Premium gin distilled by hand in a discontinuous copper alembic.

Distilled with the London Dry method e later infused with cochineal for impart the delicate coloring

Created with fourteen botanicals among which the various stand out hints of rose, raspberry, tea Ceylon black, jasmine and orange. A balanced and allo gin at the same time complex, with aromatic notes but that remains at the same time dry and with a citrus note on the final.

A niche gin, to be tasted smooth, to match it with a dry tonic or create delicate cocktails.

The Rose

The rosebuds are delicate, with a fresh and good smell, which expresses purity and elegance.

The Raspberry:

The Raspberry blooms in May, legend has it that Zeus got angry with the nymph Ida who, to put him back in a good mood, went to collect a basket of raspberries.



White jasmine expresses the feeling of amiability, candor of mind and elegance symbolizes sensuality.


Juniper berries have positive characteristics for our health: they are a valid aid to digestion, they are antiseptic for the respiratory tract.

Juniper from Tuscany

The orange:

The orange is a symbol of wealth, fertility, resourcefulness: its sweetness, goodness and succulence underlie pleasure and “enjoying” life.

Black tea:

Black tea, a drink that has been used for thousands of years, especially appreciated as a stimulant and tonic. Traditional Chinese Medicine attributed the power to preserve youth.

Luxury Gin

Premium gin distilled by hand in a discontinuous copper still. Organic alcohol, Italian juniper and 14 other botanicals.

Distilled with the London Dry method and subsequently infused with cochineal to give the delicate colouring


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